drøne is Mark Van Hoen & Mike Harding with the assistance of many, and you can find us on twitter. All releases are available on our Bandcamp site. The next release, the long song, will be released soon on Anna von Hausswolff’s label, Pomperipossa Records. For a general discussion about drøne, look no further than Bradford Bailey’s excellent The Hum


Vox Interruptus, Iklectik London

Wednesday 19 September 2023 | Doors: 7pm

Vox interruptus – an evening of voice versus noise. Operatic soprano from Julia Marika alongside drøne (their UK premier), The Howling (Ken Hollings and Robin the Fog) talk trash over tape loops and distortions and Dale Cornish delivers south London keening in all its joy, horror and sadness. JTM is the overseas special guest – the mystery voice (What’s My Line for the 21st Century?) in this eclectic lineup.

drøne + Julia Mariko (Soprano) – in collaboration with English Touring Opera
The Howling
Dale Cornish

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the long song

Pomperipossa Records # PRLP14
Release date: 19th May 2023
Limited edition vinyl (300 copies)
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R9 – Abstract Field Latency

Collaboration with Strom|mortS
Release date: 2nd April 2021
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No catalogue number
Release date: 7th October 2020
Video Single
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the stilling

Pomperipossa Records # PRLP11
Release date: 10th January 2020
Limited edition vinyl (500 copies)
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“Sublime” [Silence and Sound]

“What makes this work really shine out is its musical quality… The string work, exquisitely recorded and sorrowful, fuses and transitions with the electronic work in a way that really elevates the latter. It’s a truly well-formed musical hybrid that makes the artificial feel natural and vice versa.” [Chain D.L.K.]

“With segments of monologue and dialogue chopped up and scattered, sometimes overlapping with one another as well as the musical backing, which isn’t exactly musical or backing, so much as a shimmering, shifting sonic collage, if not exactly reminiscent of William Burroughs’ audio experiments, then very much a sonic interpretation of the cut-up technique in its simultaneous representations of multiple events and perspectives. Because every moment is a moment of change and the pieces on the stilling are constructed around a continual shift, it’s disorientating by design. Scrambling the mutter lines, it’s the soundtrack to your soundtrack.” [Aural Aggravation]


mappa mundi

drøne # drøne1CD
Release date: 13th October 2017
Limited Edition CD (500 copies)
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“…a hauntingly strange and mysterious immersion into a crackling entropy of phantom radio transmissions, squalls of static, choruses of insects, and creepily digitized voices.” [Brainwashed]


a perfect blind

Pomperipossa Records # PRLP3
Release date: 22nd April 2017
Limited Edition Vinyl (500 copies)
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“Both of A Perfect Blind’s long form pieces have brief samples of telephonic voice that emerge out of drøne’s delicate and refined weave of suspended electronics and stealthy strings. They suggest a meditation on distant webs of communication, like a watchful alien intelligence who for centuries has remained curious but too circumspect and wary to make contact. However, as they steadily and gracefully travel to their conclusions, both pieces develop into more musical passages, perhaps to inject a sense of pathos, as if memories of beauty are identified in wake of the more foreboding environments of the present.” [The Quietus]

and on the same day:

Live at Touch Vinyl (Los Angeles)

drøne # drøne2D
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schubert dip

No catalogue number
Release date: 22nd December 2016
Digital download
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meanoldmiser writes: “I keep playing drøne for people without giving warning, and eventually there’s a “what’s this music” moment followed by a “no, I like it!””


cold tip for dna

Pomperipossa Records # PREP3
Flexidisc release date: n/a – issued digitally: 29th January 2020
Flexidisc | Digital Download
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reversing into the future

Pomperipossa Records # PRLP2
Release date: 16th April 2016
Limited Edition Vinyl (500 copies)
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“This thrilling piece – surely the most kinetic non-dancefloor record in an age”
[Lend Me your Ears]