all is found, everything is lost



venoztks and Jay Glass Dubs have formed a duo called Alcibiades and they have their first release coming on the compilation album, ‘Bis dat’ on 6th May 2022. The track, ‘Omicronology’, was put together over the first part of 2022, combining Balkanology with organ samples to create a haunting, swirling miasmic oracle…


Vince Clarke and venoztks [Mortality Tables]

Mortality Tables – On Mortality, Immortality & Charles Ives A reading of the Mortality Tables manifesto, accompanied by sound responses from Vince Clarke and venoztks

Now available here


Out now:

offerings for the cannibal gods vtks6 (Released 7th April 2023)

spirit level vtks5 (Released 6th May 2022)

light breaker vtks4

filament vtks3

piqûre vtks2

insecticide vtks1

[Downloads released by Venoztks, the imprint which services releases by venoztks]


Cassette album still available on The Tapeworm:

How It’s Not Meant To Be TTW#139

25th March 2021 Robin The Fog presents a series of late-night, deep listening soundtracks for our current era of isolation. This week: something rather different – Spirit Level, an exclusive new work, by venoztks, who has commented simply “all is found, everything is lost”. This will now be available on Bandcamp on 6th May 2022…

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