all is found, everything is lost



Look out for venoztks performing live in Athens in early March at Stellagemore information here! Also featuring Alcibiades (venoztks & jay glass dubs) in their debut live show…

Το venoztks είναι το ψευδώνυμο ενός από τους τρεις ιδρυτές του The Tapeworm, αν και δεν γνωρίζουμε ακριβώς ποιανού. Μια εξερεύνηση του ηλεκτρονικού αυτοσχεδιασμού, γεμάτη από περιπλανώμενες διακυμάνσεις συχνοτήτων, σιβυλλικό σφύριγμα, κλικ, απρόβλεπτους σχηματισμούς τόνων και γρήγορες ταλαντώσεις μεταξύ θορυβώδους γουργουρητού και ήσυχης, ενίοτε φλαουτοειδούς περιπλοκότητας. Ξυστοί θόρυβοι εμφανίζονται, φτερουγίζουν βίαια στα αυτιά σας και στη συνέχεια υποχωρούν, για άλλη μια φορά γίνονται ασαφείς και φευγαλέοι. Οι ήχοι δεν λειτουργούν τόσο στο περιθώριο όσο μέσα στις ενδιάμεσες συχνότητες του ραδιοφώνου βραχέων κυμάτων.

venoztks is the alias of one of the three founders of The Tapeworm, though we don’t precisely know which one. An exploration of electronic improvisation, full of prowling frequency fluctuations, gravelly static, sibilant hissing, clicks, unpredictable tone formations and rapid oscillations between noisy rumbles and quiet, occasionally flute-like intricacy. Scratchy noises appear, flutter violently at your ears and then recede, once more becoming inchoate and elusive. venoztks doesn’t so much operate at the margins but within the interstitial frequencies of shortwave radio.




Cyclic Demonstrating 2023 [Mortality Tables]

A ubiquitous Saturday night TV theme tune heard from a remote distance then atomised, stretched, subtracted, looped, inverted, distorted and rendered unrecognisable by Xqui and Mat Smith – and then re-processed by Simon Fisher Turner, Moray Newlands, Rupert Lally, Sound Effects Of Death And Horror, Pete Murphy, Audio Obscura, SAD MAN, Alka, venoztks and Ivy Nostrum.

All proceeds from this release will go to CALM, the Campaign Against Living Miserably. You can read about the Mortality tables project here.

Now available here


venoztks and Jay Glass Dubs have formed a duo called Alcibiades and they have their first release coming on the compilation album, ‘Bis dat’ on 6th May 2022. The track, ‘Omicronology’, was put together over the first part of 2022, combining Balkanology with organ samples to create a haunting, swirling miasmic oracle…


Vince Clarke and venoztks [Mortality Tables]

Mortality Tables – On Mortality, Immortality & Charles Ives A reading of the Mortality Tables manifesto, accompanied by sound responses from Vince Clarke and venoztks

Now available here


Out now:

offerings for the cannibal gods vtks6 (Released 7th April 2023)

spirit level vtks5 (Released 6th May 2022)

light breaker vtks4

filament vtks3

piqûre vtks2

insecticide vtks1

[Downloads released by Venoztks, the imprint which services releases by venoztks]


Cassette album still available on The Tapeworm:

How It’s Not Meant To Be TTW#139

25th March 2021 Robin The Fog presents a series of late-night, deep listening soundtracks for our current era of isolation. This week: something rather different – Spirit Level, an exclusive new work, by venoztks, who has commented simply “all is found, everything is lost”. This will now be available on Bandcamp on 6th May 2022…

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